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When you rock vinyl on this deck – Nothing Else Matters.



We treated the surface of this deck with a mirror-finished metal logo contour that gives the player its distinctive look. The S-shaped tonearm is fitted with a detachable SME headshell to allow quick cartridge changes. The tonearm bearing and base are machined entirely out of aluminium. Out of the box, the turntable comes pre-adjusted with our Pick it S2 C cartridge. Tracking force and anti-skating are both adjustable and make your Metallica Limited Edition Turntable a true audiophile investment.


Pick it S2 C

Pro-Ject MM cartridge

The Pick it S2 C offers a thrilling and exciting sound, which oozes of details and high fidelity. It unveils unheard precision and dynamics of your records.

Glass platter

Heavy zero-resonance design

The high mass of the platter produces the tightest and most accurate playback speeds and at the same time allows you to see the stunning turntable


Metal Feet

Damped & height adjustable

The three height adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.

33/45 & 78 RPM

Electronic speed control

Change between speeds easily with the toggle switch. With the supplied round belt for 78 rpm, you can also listen to your shellac records.


This is The End of the Line for audiophile turntable design.


Speed:33, 45/(78) (electronic speed change)
Drive principle:belt drive with electronic speed control
Platter:heavy glass platter
Platter bearing:high precision stainless steel axle in bronze bushing
Wow & flutter:33: +/-0,16%; 45: +/-0,14%
Speed drift:33: +/-0,40%; 45: +/-0,30%
Signal to noise:68dB
Tonearm:8,6” S-shape aluminium; SME headshell
Effective arm length/mass:218,5 mm / 7,5 g
Included accessories:15V DC / 0,8A power supply, 78 RPM round belt, 7‘‘ single adapter, feltmat
Power consumption:4W / 0W standby
Dimensions:430 x 120 x 430mm (WxHxD)
Weight:4,5 kg net

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